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Mouthy Mortal

MINI PLANET D&D Handcrafted Resin Flower Dice Set

MINI PLANET D&D Handcrafted Resin Flower Dice Set

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 Customized /Wholesale /Drop shipping Dragon and Dungeon Dice

[Brand] Mini Planet

[DND Dice Set ]This DND dice set contains one D4, one D6, one D8, one D10, one D%, one D12 and one D20.

[Material]Natural resin, odorless, non-toxic, strong, wear-resistant and safe.

[Craftsmanship]handmade, each dice is hand polished, with sharp edges and corners and exquisite contents.each sharp resin dice is hand polished to maintain its beautiful sharp edges, and beautiful glitter is injected into the dice. Multi-process manual polishing to achieve strict dimensions and standard shapes.

[Packaging]You can choose OPP bag packaging or dice box packaging.

[About color]Since light affects the color of this product, there is a slight color difference between the picture and the real product, and the actual product color shall prevail.

[Size]As shown




Wizard Charm.jpg557.jpgdnd dice2.jpg555.jpgdnd dice 4 (1).jpgSpooky Flower - .jpgdnd dice 1.jpg21-5.jpg21-3.jpg21-4.jpgDark Knight3.jpgDark Knight2.jpg001.jpgFantasy Elves_302.jpg207.jpg205.jpg105.jpg107.jpg107.jpg109.jpg007.jpg008.jpgGalaxy Dark04.jpgDark galaxy03.jpg006.jpgSunshine Coast_003.jpg003 - .jpg002.jpg3.jpg2.jpg

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